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Welcome to the World of Warships Pre-Release Wiki!

This site is in no way affiliated with and is run privately for the benefit of folks waiting for the launch of World of Warships.

You can participate in WoWs discussions on the official Wargaming forums for World of Warships, located here:

2014-08-16: NEW VIDEO RELEASED! Go to the Videos section to take a look!

World of Warships is NOT available for download or play right now. Closed Alpha Testing is currently underway in all regions.

All Questions/Answers on the North American Forums prior to November 25th, 2013 have been incorporated into the Wiki.

All Questions/Answers on the European Forums prior to December 4th, 2013 have been incorporated into the Wiki. EU Answers are indicated with "EU" at the end of the Posted Date.

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Ship Classifications (Abbreviations)
Ship Roles

There are four types of ships in the game:

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  • Administrator and Lead Editor: Triptyx
  • Page Editor: MM2ss (Cruisers and Battleships - All Categories)

Wiki FAQ

Why is this site here?

We are very lucky to have an assigned Developer who reads particular threads on the forums and answers our questions regarding the game and its development. Fortunately (or unfortunately), the number of questions asked has gotten to be extensive, encompassing thousands of posts across four threads (with more arriving every day). As you might guess, the Developers get a bit tired of answering the same questions over and over again, as do those of us in the Community that have been around for a bit. Because of this, I have created this Wiki to categorize and summarize those threads.

Wikis are usually publicly editable, why can't I post?

Unfortunately, I don't have time to make this a full time job. As such, this is a closed Wiki, and will be updated only by a select few forum members. This is the best way to keep the information clean and correct (to the best of our knowledge), without our having to spend hours and hours moderating edits and trying to keep the trolls at bay. If you'd like to volunteer to help maintain the Wiki, I'll give information very soon on how to join the team. In the meantime, read and enjoy! You can get started by clicking "Categories" or "All Pages" in the left navigation.


  • Thanks to Wargaming for their excellent series of World Of... games!
  • Thanks to Redivan for his original work compiling the first Q&A Thread.

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